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WinDUI, Southern California DUI Defense in Toluca Lake CA with a DUI Attorney and Premiere DUI Trial Lawyer

Have you ever been pulled over in Toluca Lake CA for a DUI? It may seem like a ridiculous question but it happens more often than you’d think. It doesn’t take much for a night down Lankershim Boulevard to turn into a night you’d quickly regret. Imagine it, drinks with dinner, then a quick stop off at the club with friends and a few more drinks – pretty soon you’re blurry eyed and feeling invincible. Those Mojitos add up quickly and now you’re stuck in line waiting at a random checkpoint. There’s nowhere to go and you are stuck awaiting your fate. If you’re hoping to sweet talk your way out of this one, you’re crazy. You’re busted and this was the easy part!

Sitting there in the cell you realize that you need some help. Your car is rotting in the impound yard with a hefty fee waiting for you when you sober up. Don’t even bother worrying about the special classes you’ll have to take or the enormous fine that is going to wreak havoc on your bank account when you get out of this hell hole. You need a friend right now, it’s crisis mode for crying out loud and you need a level head and calm voice to get you through it. Okay, we admit a DUI attorney isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re looking for a friend, but trust us, you need one.

Granted, Southern California is ginormous, and you have millions of options when it comes to a DUI trial lawyer. Now is not the time to second yourself, you need someone reputable, smart, savvy and dedicated to getting you out of this mess. Don’t get us wrong, you are going to trial on this one buddy, the cops have you blowing a .10% BAC level – you aren’t going anywhere. Your attorney is going to play a crucial part in your jury selection, did you know that? Did you know that you’re attorney will also be cross-examining the arresting officer? Make no mistake, when the closing arguments are made you want to win.

Who is WinDui you ask? Only the most effective attorney in Southern California DUI Defense, Craig M. Sturm, that’s who. What does that mean to you? Craig M. Sturm has the experience in successfully fighting and winning DUI cases in all of the Southland. He’s driven to get results for his clients and he won’t rest until you’re satisfied. That sounds like a lot of smoke and mirrors, so let Craig's and WinDUI's score card win you over. Give them a call now.

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