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Top Los Angeles DUI Attorney in Santa Monica

When it comes to the consequences associated with being convicted of a DUI, it's highly recommended that you do seek a top Los Angeles DUI attorney, in order for you to achieve the best outcome possible. Committing a DUI is a serious offense that receives virtually no leniency from law enforcement officials. It pays to have an expert that is familiar with the court system, has knowledge of various plea bargains and possesses an overall ability to navigate the complicating administrative procedures surrounding a DUI case.

Many people fail to realize the full extent of the damage that being convicted of a DUI represents. They assume that there are only court related consequences surrounding drunk driving and this simply is true. There's a wide variety of employment, financial, travel and insurance consequences that affect each DUI offender that will negatively impact their lives for an extended period of time. For example, one of the financial consequences of being convicted of a DUI is the fact that the offender's auto insurance rates will skyrocket after being convicted of a DUI. Along with that, their credit score will be negatively affected, this itself will lead to higher fees when acquiring a loan or a credit card. And in the event that you get involved in a car accident, a judge may order you to pay restitution for any property damages or medical bills to a injured third party. Restitution isn't something that should be taken lightly, in some cases it can cause financial hardships for several years, if you have been in a car accident while you were under the influence, you need a lawyer.

In terms of employment, some employers will terminate individuals that get convicted for drunk driving, due to the fact that they will categorize them as 'high risk' or essentially a liability to the company. Employers such as the military, educational institutions and companies that utilize a primary work force of drivers, will suspend or in most cases fire an individual that receives a DUI conviction. In some cases it may even prevent you from acquiring a job, due to the fact that on every job application, by law you have 'check' the box that ask if you've ever been convicted. At Team Win DUI, we have a staff of experienced professionals that possess the knowledge and the level of competence required to ensure that our clients receive the best outcome achievable. Even if you have been drinking, before you plead guilty and give you rights away. 

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