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Top Los Angeles DUI Attorney in Los Angeles

If someone is arrested for driving under the influence in Los Angeles, the most common mistake which is made by someone who is arrested for a DUI related offense is assuming that the case is an unwinnable one.

Penalties for DUI may vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident and how many previous incidents are on record, and it is worth noting that first offenses aside, some jail time is usually required. Most likely any conviction will also include "extra" penalties such as attending AA meetings or an "impact" meeting with MADD counselors to discuss the impact of DUI on people's lives. Additionally, you will be faced with elevated insurance rates and the inability to rent a car.

However when contesting a DUI, the two most common mistakes made by people are simple. The first is not realizing that time is of the essence: when arrested for DUI an individual has a limit of ten days in which to contest the arrest. The second is failure to contact an attorney. If you are appearing in court to contest a case, you will need a lawyer. There are many factors which need to be explored in a DUI arrest, both in the actual incident itself and dealing with the intricacies of the legal code in general.

There are a number of steps which your attorney is capable of taking to help you achieve a favorable outcome, and Team Win DUI has over five years of direct experience handling DUI cases. Among these steps are ensuring that your attorney is familiar with the area in question and visiting the scene, so that they may better remark upon factors there which could have contributed to any swerving. Additionally, an experienced attorney will present the fact that a DUI stop is so intricate that it is possible that the officer may be presenting the wrong facts due, for example, to faulty evidence.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you should visit Team Win DUI right away for a free consultation on your case, and will receive a $50 free promo code when doing so. It must be stressed that time is very much of the essence here as you only have 10 days to contest the charge, and that you will need a lawyer for the best results.

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