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Southern California DUI Defense - Westwood Village, California

You have an excellent job; just what you've worked for. A beautiful wife, perfect children, that gorgeous home, and the top-of-the-line automobile is only the icing on the cake. Nothing can stop you now, except cocktails with the boss.

In a split second you find yourself on the side of the road, red and blue lights reflecting off the chrome on your car. You’re going through the embarrassment of the Standard Field Sobriety Test and Breathalyzer tests, very near where you live. You don't feel drunk, but according to the police officer handcuffing you, you are drunk indeed. Everything you have worked for is not only on the line, but your reputation is in great detriment. You do not just need an attorney fast, you need an attorney that knows how to help right.

The importance of an influential and professional Southern California DUI defense is indescribable. There are more DUIs reported every year, and the numbers are staggeringly high. In the Los Angeles area, and particularly in Westwood Village CA a good DUI trial lawyer is hard to come by, unless you are being represented by WinDUI.

Craig M. Sturm opened this private practice after gaining experience as a Public Defender. Following this, he managed a large law firm after which he became a Senior Trial Attorney. With a passion for defending the DUI client, Craig opened his private practice, focusing on defending those accused of this crim. Craig M. Sturm is a DUI attorney who is so passionate about what he does he has continued his education to include Breathalyzer use and analysis, owning many of his own units, he is knowledgeable about all aspects of the Field Sobriety Test, has a firm understanding of blood test results and analysis, as well as having gained certification to be an instructor of the DataMasterDMT. With all of this experience, clients are not only getting a DUI trial lawyer, but a massive amount of court room/trial experience, and one whose extensive knowledge and intense desire drives him to defend anyone being charged with this crime.

A free initial consultation will clarify major points of your case to Mr. Sturm, but will help you to understand possible outcomes depending on the facts of your own unique case. It is the utmost priority Of Craig M. Sturm to defend his clients and the welfare of them and their families, and to prove their innocence. Mr. Sturm offers excellent payment plans and options to help keep you afloat.

In conclusion, the choice is clear. With Mr. Sturm you get it all; focus, dedication, and honesty make this well-trained, highly experienced, and thoroughly educated DUI trial lawyer the best option for Westwood, CA.

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