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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer in Venice Beach, CA

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Venice Beach? According to California State laws, you can be imprisoned for a period of between four days and six months for DUI. This explains why you need the best DUI attorney to handle your case.

DUI Fines
The law also allows judges to fine you between $390 and $1000 for driving in California while under the influence of intoxicants. With the heavy fines imposed on drunk drivers, you can’t afford to be arraigned in court without the best DUI trial lawyer.

Other DUI Penalties
Your driving license can be suspended for up to six months if you are caught drunk driving. If you’ve been arrested several times for DUI, the court can order you to install an ignition interlock device or sign up for a Driving Under the Influence program. WinDUI offers you the best defense counsel in all the cities in Southern California.

If you are looking for a combination of experience and results in a Southern California DUI defense attorney, you don’t need to look further than WinDUI. Over the past few years, new and sophisticated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) testing gadgets have been developed and introduced by the government. This means that you have to hire a DUI trial lawyer who is familiar with all these gadgets and knows all the laws governing the arrest and prosecution of drunk drivers.

What the Law Says about Motorists and Law Enforcers
According to DUI laws, a law enforcer is allowed to compel drivers to take a BAC test if he/she has reason to believe that the driver is driving under the influence. You can be charged in a court of law if you refuse to take the test as instructed by the law enforcement officer. For you to be allowed to continue driving after such a test, your blood alcohol content must be less than 0.08%. If you are keen on being acquitted of all the DUI charges you are facing, then you have no option but to seek the services of a highly experienced and reputable DUI Attorney.

Why We are the Best Southern California DUI Defense Team
We have won many DUI cases in the many years that we have been defending motorists arrested for drunk driving. With us, you have the best chance of winning your DUI case because our attorneys have a deep understanding of all the DUI regulations in Venice Beach CA. They are also always updated on new federal and state laws being legislated each day.

You should note that all of the above penalties are meant for first time offenders only. The penalties are stiffer for second and subsequent offenders. As soon as you contact us, our attorneys will swing into action and make sure that you are freed as soon as possible.

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