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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer in Studio City, CA

Those who have been arrested multiple times for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in the state of California are going to need very serious and skilled legal counsel in their corner. The penalties for DUI are very harsh even for first time offenders. Those who are facing a third offense likely are going to see their driving privileges gone for a long time. Jail time is unavoidable. Again, the fines and penalties are going to be very severe. Without the help of an experienced DUI attorney in Studio City CA, then the full brunt of the law is likely to come down on the accused.

The key word to center in on here is ''accused'' and not guilty. A person does have to be found guilty before being sentenced. Those who have been charged with criminal DUI offenses sometimes do not even realize this. There is also a process of proper order that must be followed in the traffic court system as well. Everyone must be afforded due process. When due process is not followed, the accused may WinDUI cases based on having the case dismissed. While rare, such outcomes do occur. Not rare at all would be the fact that due process must be followed at all points in the proceedings.

There are different facets to various driving under the influence laws and a skilled DUI trial lawyer knows these various facets inside and out. There are laws specific to those over the age of 21 and laws specific to those who are under the age of 21. Someone with a commercial driver's license is going to face different penalties as far as driving privilege suspensions as someone who drives a noncommercial driver's. A DUI that does not involve any other moving violation or, worse, a felony, may require a different approach than the more severe cases that do entail felonies and violations as part of the charges. And yes, the California Three Strikes law does incorporate major, serious DUI offenses. Anyone who is looking at charges and sentencing associated with the Three Strikes Law positively must have access to qualified legal representation.

Surprisingly, there are those who do feel they can survive the court system on their own. They may try to mount their own defense even thought they have no real knowledge about the law. Following this path is very unwise. With a good Southern California DUI defense attorney, overcoming major legal hurdles will prove impossible.

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