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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer in Silver Lake, CA

We've all needed help at one time or another in our lives. If you, or someone you know, has been arrested for DUI in the Silver Lake, CA area, There isn't time to waste.

You only have ten days to find a DUI Attorney!

Most people believe they can't fight a DUI charge. Pleading guilty sounds a lot easier than it really is. A DUI conviction is a serious matter with serious consequences. Without a DUI Trial Attorney to fight for your rights, a DUI charge can become a nightmare.

  • Jail time could be from 12 months to 5 years depending if the charge is a misdemeanor or felony.
  • Fines could range from $1000 to $1650 for first time offenders. Third and fourth time offenders could face up to $7000 in fines.
  • Insurance Premiums could increase.
  • Ineligible for car rental.
  • DUI convictions effect your life for ten years.
  • DUI convictions must be disclosed when applying for employment.
  • Driving privileges could be suspended or lost.
  • Mandatory DUI School and other costly court programs must be completed.
  • 40-480 Community Service Hours must be served, depending on whether this is a first or multiple offense.

This is only a partial list of things that can result from a DUI. You can view a complete list at the website.

Officers make mistakes conducting sobriety tests. Clearing your name is important and you shouldn't try to do it alone. DUI laws are becoming stricter and are constantly changing. A DUI doesn't only effect your driving record. It's impossible to defend yourself. You need a DUI Trial Lawyer.

"How do I find the right DUI attorney to get me out of this?"

The search for a DUI Attorney is over.

Craig M Sturm is a DUI Trial Lawyer successfully serving DUI clients.

Why Craig M Sturm is uniquely qualified to mount your Southern California DUI Defense:

  • Certified in Field Sobriety Tests.
  • Certified in Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (Mastering scientific evidence).
  • Certified in DataMaster, DMT and knows the proper DUI Sobriety procedures officers should follow.

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