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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer in Bel Air, CA

Fight a Bel Air, CA DUI Charge with WinDUI

Driving under the influence is one of the most common criminal cases going to trial in Bel Air CA. For most drivers a DUI is one of the scariest and most stressful events that will ever happen to them, the need for a high quality DUI lawyer with a solid knowledge and large amount of experience of fighting DU cases in California is important. If you are stopped and fail a field sobriety test and blood alcohol content blood test the best option is to call our office at WinDUI for representation as soon as possible.

Many drivers charged with a DUI question the need for a DUI attorney as they feel there sentencing is a formality, with an outcome that could not be altered by any attorney. But, our experienced attorneys will mount an effective Southern California DUI defense that will include a thorough examination of the events leading up to and including our clients arrest, testing and charging with an offense. Through a thorough examination of the facts our lawyers can often find issues with the actions off arresting officers or the testing procedures used, which can lead to a doubt being shone on the charge and allowing a plea bargain to take place.

When going to trail the best option for any driver charged with a DUI is to work with an experienced DUI trial lawyer, of which Craig M. Sturm is one of the most qualified in California. After serving as a public defender and founding the largest private defense firm in LA, Craig M. Sturm now specializes in defending DUI cases. In Bel Air CA any individual charged with a DUI will benefit from the services of Craig M. Sturm and WinDUI. Mounting a successful trial defense takes years of practice and learning to do on a regular basis, which means a private individual rarely has the skills or knowledge to do so successfully.

There are many benefits to hiring a DUI trial lawyer, including our knowledge of the ins and outs of the California legal system and the passage of DUI cases. Building personal relationships with other legal professionals in California means we can work effectively and directly with the police department and other members of the legal profession to bring a swift end to a DUI case. Avoid the problems of higher insurance costs, more difficult travel out of the country and a criminal record held by the FBI by allowing Craig M. Sturm to take your case to court in Southern California.

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