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Hire the Best DUI Attorney in Southern California

Anyone who has been arrested for a DUI in the state of California is going to require a very strong defense in order to avoid having the maximum weight of the law levied against him. The mandatory minimum punitive actions against someone who is even a first time offender are quite strict. Without a good DUI attorney representing the accused, second and third time offenses could be incredibly devastating to a person.

Someone gets behind the wheel of a car in Eagle Rock CA while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is putting all those on the highway or streets at risk. A large number of the accident in the United States that result in a fatality involved someone who was drunk. Once you take these facts into account, you quickly realize why the law in California is so very strict.

No matter how strict the laws may be, a person who has been accused of a DUI has rights. To WinDUI cases, the prosecutor must make a case that makes sense and is in proper accordance with the law. The police, too, must be sure they have followed the law to the letter. If not, then the case will have been compromised. Relying on a public defender or representing oneself in court is not going to be the most effective means of determining of the police and the state have followed the law in the manner they should have. Only an experienced Southern California DUI defense lawyer is truly capable of handling such matters. Considering how serious the charges are, anyone who is accused wants to be sure he or she gets the best possible representation in court and the best discovery of all matters related to the case. Again, the only way to be sure this is achieved is through hiring the very best DUI trial lawyer.

In the instance where the defendant is found guilty, a skilled lawyer can help mitigate a more lenient sentence. Yes, there will be maximum penalties levied against those who are convicted. The judge cannot ignore those minimum sentencing guidelines. The judge does, however, have leeway when it comes to the maximum sentencing. The right attorney can help implore the judge to show a level of leniency in this area of the sentencing. Hence, the value of an attorney could never be overstated.

Once again, hiring the best and most experienced attorney is a must. DUI offenses are too serious not to.

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