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Highland Park DUI Attorney

Getting arrested for a DUI is a very frustrating and high-pressure event. However, you're not alone. DUI arrests have reached an all-time high in California, and the need for competent DUI trial lawyers has risen. Whether or not the arrest was justified, it's still up to you and your defense team to prove your innocence. At WinDUI, we say don't fold. Fight your DUI charge. When searching for a local DUI Attorney, you can trust that we will have your back. Attorney Craig M. Sturm has five years of experience successfully defending DUI suspects, and he can do the same for you. Not only has he successfully managed the largest criminal defense firm in California, but he is also certified in Field Sobriety Tests and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement. He owns multiple breathalyzers, and is a certified instructor of the DataMaster DMT. Craig Sturm is passionate about DUI defense, and it shows.

Time is Crucial
When you're arrested for a DUI, you have ten days to request a hearing for your arrest. After the ten days pass, you forfeit your right to challenge your license suspension.

Though it's important to take care of your DUI right away, you shouldn't rush to the first DUI Attorney you find online. Craig M. Sturm has specialized in Southern California DUI Defense for the past five years. During that time, he has made many valuable connections within the California court system. He has won hearings for a wide variety of DUI cases, and has a very deep knowledge of DUI arrest protocol. Not only that, but he continues to keep his knowledge up to date by attending seminars and conferences.

Why Request a Hearing?
When it comes to DUIs, arresting officers don't always follow protocol. They can make poor judgement calls, leave out details, or even forgo the rules altogether. For example, the law says that smelling alcohol on a driver's breath isn't sufficient evidence to convict a driver of a DUI. An arresting officer might also see that the driver had bloodshot eyes, suspicious behavior, or slurred speech. Yet these don't necessarily mean that the driver is under the influence. They could be fatigued, have sensitive eyes, or simply be nervous or embarrassed about the traffic stop.

When searching for a Highland Park CA attorney who will defend your rights, your driving record, and your right to drive, you can trust us. Let attorney Craig M Sturm bring his passion for DUI defense to your case.

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