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Find a Great DUI Lawyer in Glendale CA

A DUI in Glendale CA is a very serious offense, even if it is the first one. The first DUI conviction can carry at least six months probation. Beyond that there is jail time and in the end with enough convictions you can start to affect other parts of your life. For example, a drunk driving conviction can ensure you are not able to rent a car, which can make business travel difficult. If you are trying to become a legal American a DUI will hamper that for at least five years. It can also affect some passport issues and entrances into some countries.

If you are arrested for a DUI in Southern California, your best hope for any type of leniency is to find yourself a great DUI Attorney. If you are searching for a Los Angeles Trial lawyer WinDUI is the first place that you should call. Win DUI cares about you and your case. Your lawyer, Craig M Sturm began representing DUI cases over five years ago. He has earned a reputation as a great DUI trial lawyer. Once a Public Defender, Mr. Sturm went on to open his private practice. He is determined to help those who are charged with drunk driving get their driving privileges back and redeeming their driving record.

This lawyer is dedicated to helping DUI cases to the point that he continues to educate himself by going to seminars that help to train him on how to beat the government’s defense. He is certified in Impaired Driving Enforcement and Sobriety Tests. He has multiple breathalyzers and is a certified DataMaster DMT.

This lawyer has seen all there is to see in the drunk driving industry. If you need a Southern California DUI Defense Lawyer this is your guy. If you are pulled over or in an accident then and are arrested then this is the lawyer you need to get a hold of. He offers free consultations and you can sign up or call for a free consultation. Don't be fooled by other lawyers and big lawyers advertisements, Craig Sturm has both big law firm experience, and LA county experience when it comes to drunk driving incidents.

When you make that call, expect an experience that will relieve you of the stress you are under. You will have all your questions answered and you will know before you leave the office exactly what to expect from your new attorney and your trial case. For more information visit for a free consultation.

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