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DUI Defense Lawyer in Pasadena

One of the most terrifying experiences in the world is being pulled over for a suspected DUI. Particularly if you have been drinking. By law, your driver's license, registration, and insurance verification have to be produced but legally you can choose not to answer any questions about where you have been or what you have been drinking. Field sobriety tests in Pasadena are also voluntary and exceedingly subjective although police officers never tell you that. You will be given instructions, often with cars rushing by, and police lights flashing, and told to perform tests that will determine whether your motor skills, attention span, and information retention skills indicate that you are under the influence. Roadside breath tests or PAS (preliminary alcohol screening) are not required by law unless the driver is under 21 or on probation for a prior DUI conviction. Without chemical testing results, officers must determine independently if there is enough probable cause to make an arrest. If they do arrest you, it's time to contact the best DUI Defense Lawyer.

Choosing an experienced and capable DUI Attorney to represent you is critical. Arresting officers confiscate your driver's license and provide you with an Order of Suspension/Revocation. You must file a written request for a DMV APS Hearing within ten days of the arrest or you lose the right to challenge your driver's license suspension. Team Win DUI are specialists in DUI defense cases and having a knowledgeable DUI Lawyer at your side can mean a dismissal versus a conviction. Initial consultation with Win DUI are always free and you will have the expertise of the best DUI Lawyer in southern California every step throughout the entire process.

The penalties involved with a DUI Conviction are severe and can cost thousands of dollars in court fines and fees. Many individuals lose their jobs when they lose their driver's license and risk losing their housing as well. Team Win DUI will do everything possible to find a loophole to fight your DUI charge whether it be an improperly administered Field Sobriety Test, an error in Blood and Breath Tests, or lack of justification for being pulled over are only the beginning defenses possible with a capable DUI attorney. Team Win also have a competitive advantage because they are trained and certified in the Breath Test Program which measures blood alcohol content (BAC). The best defense possible is a DUI Attorney who has the knowledge of BAC machines and techniques and is aware of the multitude of errors that could have occurred during the test.

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