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DUI Defense Lawyer in Newport Beach California

DUI enforcement has increased dramatically in the Newport Beach area. DUI conviction carries mandatory jail time, fines, and loss of license. The policy behind enforcement is a laudable one because impaired drivers cause irreplaceable losses of life and property on the state’s roads and highways each year. While it is necessary to enforce rules to eliminate impaired operation of motor vehicles adequately, every person is entitled to the full protection of the law. 

The skilled and experienced attorneys at Team Win DUI can make a difference in the outcome of a case. They have training and knowledge in field-testing protocols, related scientific and medical fields that are vital to an effective defense. The basis for the government’s case is in the facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest. The reliability and accuracy of the field sobriety tests is essential to the case. The tests are also the focus of the defense, and technical expertise is necessary to determine whether the government has met its burden of proof.

A DUI Defense Lawyer must examine every aspect of the government’s evidence. They must also focus on facts and evidence, which supports a defense against the charges such as the method of testing, the care given to any evidence, the accuracy of statements and observations, and any related scientific or medical evidence. External and internal factors can affect measured levels of intoxication. Internal factors can produce abnormally high results such as such as the individual’s metabolism, the state of the individual’s physical and emotional condition, and blood chemicals such as prescription drugs. It can be changed by external factors including the time elapsed between the stop and the test.

The role of the DUI Attorney also involves the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the pretrial proceedings before the court. The Department of Motor Vehicles has responsibilities for assessing driving status after suspension, rehabilitation and education programs required in court ordered probationary sentences. By a thorough examination of the evidence and application of knowledge of testing, the attorney must develop the best possible defense. However, given the severity of penalties and potential impact on the client’s well-being, one must also take maximum advantage of opportunities to resolve the case favorably before trial.

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