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DUI Defense Lawyer in Marina Del Rey

This is Craig M. Sturm, a DUI defense lawyer with a winning record that dates back to my days as a public defender in the LA county court system. It was during this time that I began to learn how to utilize defense tactics against the use of tests and testing equipment to gain convictions against accused drunk drivers and drivers accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I moved from the courthouse to a large law firm before deciding to take all my experience and give it back to people of Marina del Rey as a full-time DUI attorney.

Even as the overall number of DUI arrests increase, the conviction rates of the accused remain at a constant level because of trained attorneys like myself. We not only learned about how to defend the accused, but I became a qualified equipment trainer and can be trusted to know the inside and out of every test and every piece of equipment being used to get a DUI conviction. The focus of my practice is to get you out of trouble and end future courtroom appearances.

I consider our team Win DUI attitude a big reason more of our clients avoid criminal prosecutions. The talent of an effective DUI lawyer starts with experience that can be tapped into for future cases. Knowledge of local courts means that a DUI defense lawyer will understand how the courts operate and where to get case information and dates of appearance. There are reasons that some lawyers are able to avoid a DUI conviction where other are unable. 

Now there is a lawyer in the Marina del Rey area that knows everything there is to know about defending DUI cases but he doesn't know you or how he can help you to avoid a criminal conviction for DUI. Team win DUI is the legal defense team at Win DUI in LA and the Marina Del Rey area. If you have been accused of DUI you need to go to the website of Craig M. Sturm and WIN DUI now; time is of the essence!

Your case may be easy to resolve but if you don't have representation, you may end up with a conviction because you did not understand your rights or your roll in the courtroom. You need a DUI attorney who can take on the the equipment that took your blood alcohol level, the sobriety tests that tested your functionality, and the police who may or may not have had the law in mind when taking you into custody for DUI. 

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