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DUI Defense Lawyer in Burbank

A DUI arrest can be frightening experience because of the severe consequences. Are you facing a DUI charge? Looking for a DUI lawyer in Burbank or nearby area? If so, you are in the right place. Getting charged with a DUI is a very serious offense that requires aggressive defense. There are many lawyers out there offering to provide DUI defense, but keep in mind that not all lawyers are well versed in providing defense against a DUI charge. You need to find a reputable lawyer who specializes in handling cases involving driving under the influence of alcohol or other substance.

For anyone charged with DUI, there’s a more at stake than the person might first imagine. If you get convicted, you may have to pay a hefty fine, lose your license and spend a long time in jail. A skilled lawyer may be able to help you lower the severity of the harsh penalties of a DUI conviction and in some cases, even have your case dismissed. Look for a lawyer or law group that has the legal resources that can get you the best possible result.

Prosecutors have to prove their case against you. A good defense lawyer will examine your DUI case thoroughly, including circumstances that led to your arrest. The lawyer will look into the procedures that were used in administering field sobriety tests to see if the officers followed proper procedure. If there was no probable cause for pulling you over, if your rights were violated or if the sobriety test was not correctly performed, the case against you becomes seriously questionable.

A competent DUI defense attorney knows how to attack police procedure and uncover lapses in protocol. A knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorney can minimize negative outcome for you by utilizing various effective defense strategies. It is important to choose a lawyer who you can mount strong legal defense on your behalf and who is dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome in your case.

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