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DUI Attorney in Santa Monica

If you're been charged with drunk driving, now is the time to engage with a professional, experienced DUI attorney. From the moment of your arrest, your most powerful enemy is time. As principal at WinDUI, I want to give you the best chance to win your case. Visit my website today to begin your fast, free, confidential consultation and see how Team Win DUI is ready to take on your case. My assistant and I are experienced in all aspects of DWI, including field sobriety tests. We will educate you in the legal process and learn everything about your case. Our first priority is aggressively defending you, the client.

The first step is to understand your case, and then create a strategy for your defense. After a thorough evaluation of your situation, Team Win DUI will advise you on the necessary steps to prove your innocence. I have studied and practiced the law in order to be uniquely qualified to defend your DWI case, working from a broad range of experience with public defense, criminal law and drunk driving charges. My assistant and I bring a scientific approach to DUI defense, and build powerful cases for clients like you based on our own research, training and technical certifications. I represent you in the courtroom, reviews all documents, and explains every step of the DWI defense process. Visit our website to read reviews from clients just like you: people who were confused or anxious about their plan of action, but who were treated professionally and guided to victory.

Many factors may lead to a drunk driving charge. In the hands of the right legal team, those factors can work for you, rather than against you. Blood alcohol tests and breath tests are all administered with some amount of human error, in circumstances that are not lab-perfect. These tests can be questioned and argued against by the right DUI attorney.

I am rated one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in 2013 by the National Trial Lawyers organization. I feel that my clients see me as the DUI Lawyer who has demonstrated commitment and skill to his clients. Be part of a winning team. You owe it to yourself to learn about your personalized defense with the very best DUI AttorneyWe are the DUI Attorney team who can help you now. If you've been charged with DUI in Santa Monica or Los Angeles, be smart about your next step. Visit our website, and when you fill out the free consultation form, you get a $50 Uber promo code!

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