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DUI Attorney in Pasadena

Law enforcement agencies and local police forces everywhere are creating a dragnet to catch as many DUI offenders as possible. Their strategy is simple; catch first; charge later. Don't get caught in their dragnet! If you are charged with any DUI offense call winDUI now! Time is of the essence. A DUI offense can adversely affect your driving record for years. The government already has their legal team assembled to prosecute you. Hire your own legal team to fight back! Craig M Sturm at the head of his dream Team WinDUI will fight for you! Craig M Sturm is the best DUI Attorney you can hire to handle any DWI or drunk driving violation. Don't wait until you get a conviction. Call WinDUI now!

Craig M Sturm is not just a DUI Lawyer. He is your personal advocate. He fights for you. He makes sure that your Constitutional rights are protected and you get the best possible outcome no matter what the charge you are facing. Craig M. Sturm is a lawyer with people skills. He will listen to you. He will not prejudge an he will seek the best resolution of your case possible. Do not take chances with other inexperienced lawyers. Hire a lawyer you can trust and who will defend you to the full extent of the law. Craig M. Sturm will not quit until you prevail and he promises to out work, out prepare and out perform any other DUI attorney you could hire.

I trust Craig M. Sturm because I know that regardless the charges that I may face that he will be my legal advocate, my legal shield that will fight my battles and provide me with the best legal representation based on my charges. I would recommend Craig M. Sturm to my friends, family and coworkers. His reputation is well known throughout the Pasadena, California area. The judges know him on a first name bases and I know he will do his best to avoid me ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.

Do not risk your liberty or your freedom to drive because you went with the first attorney you know whom you thought could handle a drunk driving related charge. Hire Craig M. Sturm and let him slay your legal DWI dragons for you.

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