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DUI Attorney in Huntington Beach California

A DUI conviction under the California Penal Code is a life-changing event that will make everything more difficult than before. Conviction requires jail time and fines, and it reduces the right to drive a vehicle unless authorized. Many people lose their jobs, and it puts anything on which their jobs depend in peril such as homes and personal finances.

In the Huntington Beach area, like many other parts of the State of California, officials have reported arrests for drunk driving at near all time high levels. While no one wishes to encourage reckless driving or behaviors that can cause injury or death, the government must build each case on accurate information, and every person charged with an offense is entitled to an effective defense. Each person's body chemistry contributes to the field sobriety analysis on which conviction depends. There are technical matters, which if overlooked, will decrease the chances of a favorable outcome. An effective defense must be thorough and complete and based in a technical evaluation of the facts and circumstances. Team Win DUI has experienced trial lawyers who use the best scientific information and legal defense techniques. They understand the gravity of a DWI and the impact it can have on social life, career, and family relationships.

The best advice anyone can give to a driver who has been pulled-over and charged with a substance related offense is to consult immediately with a DUI Attorney. The defense of drunk driving or impairment involves a mix of legal and factual issues; the government must prove that drugs or alcohol impaired the driver and that the technical evidence meets legal standards. Team Win DUI has technical training and expertise that is critical to understanding and defending the facts of legal intoxication and driver impairment.

An experienced attorney can guide a client through the difficult process of appearances including pretrial negotiations, which can result in a diminished set of charges and probationary sentences. An aggressive defense of driving charges may require a thorough understanding of the technical and scientific basis of breath and blood testing. Experience and training in police methods, in the calibration and accuracy of measuring devices, and the proper testing techniques are vital attributes of effective defense. These are part of the technical qualifications of this legal team, the well-trained DUI Attorney in Huntington Beach California.

California laws aggravate or increase penalties for repeat offenses. After a conviction, the State can charge subsequent arrests as felonies. When facing the prospect of incarceration, repeat offender penalties, heavy fines, and years of effort to rehabilitate driving status, the assistance of a DUI lawyer is necessary. In the Newport Beach area or anywhere in State of California, call Team DUI for a free consultation.

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