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DUI Attorney in Hollywood

DUI means "Driving Under the Influence", meaning a person's driving abilities are negatively effected by alcohol or drugs. This is the number one cause various automobile accidents, both great and small. The consequences of a DUI charge can have a long lasting negative effect on your life, such as losing your driver's license, effecting job applications, and making people think of less of you than they should, among many, many other issues. However, you shouldn't have to let a DUI follow you around your whole life. You can request a DMV APS hearing within 10 days to challenge the suspension. This is where a good DUI lawyer comes in. One of the best DUI attorneys is Craig M Strum and his team at Win DUI. Craig has the knowledge and experience to get off Scott free and get your life back to normal.

Getting a DUI charges does NOT have to mean your it life as you know it is over. Not every accident ends in disaster and tragedy, thank goodness. Not every traffic incident happens because a driver is somehow impaired. Sometimes the officer might just be suspicious of your driving. There are several ways to defend less than perfect driving. Sometimes a driver isn't under the influence, but tired. He or she may simply be distracted or inattentive--but sober--using their cellphone, reading a map, or trying to eat a snack or fast food. Sometimes the driver may make a sudden turn or swerve trying to get to their destination, but forgot to change course in time or saw the lane or exit sooner than anticipated. There are many causes for accidents, and not all of them are caused by driving under the influence. What an officer thinks is DUI may just be an unfortunate mistake. Craig M Strum and Win DUI will show that you weren't under the influence, but simply had a lot on you mind at an unfortunate time.

"Drunk driving" can be such an ugly word. It makes it sounds like one is a complete idiot or heartless jerk who doesn't care about hurting themselves or other people. This is not true. People drink alcohol for enjoyment, not to get into automobile accidents. No one WANTS to cause one, let alone be in one. Team Win DUI will show that were not at fault and certainly didn't intend for things to happen the way they did. It should also be noted that there are several mistakes errors that can happen with a sobriety test or blood & breath tests.

Mr. Strum has long, successful career as a DUI attorney and knows all the ways to defend you from a DUI charge. He has been defending clients since 2009 and knows every possible way to have your charges dropped and dismissed and show you are an upstanding citizen who shouldn't be punished for a mistake. With him you are getting the best DUI lawyer in all of Hollywood. So if you're ever pulled over under the suspicion of DUI, contact Craig M Strum at WIN DUI ASAP. Visit their website for a free consultation and to learn more details about DUI laws to help you get yourself out of bad situation you won't deserve and get your life back to how it should be.

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