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DUI Attorney in Culver City

Nothing can ever replace the freedom you gain from driving; except a DUI which threatens you, your freedom and your bank account. Drunk driving is not an appropriate action, however, our Team Win DUI will prove to be your perfect defense team for your DUI case. The last thing you have time or effort for after receiving a DUI is fighting for it. Let our Attorney, Craig M Strum, handle your litigation.

The sensation you receive when you see those bright blue and red flashing lights in your rearview mirror triggers instant fear. You thought you were capable to drive, you thought a third round of drinks would not impair your driving, you thought that your body could tolerate more than you assumed. Sheriff's and Cops are cracking down all over Southern California, especially in Culver City, and are not taking any risks if they feel you are under the influence of alcohol.

It is not an uncommon occurrence to receive your first, second, or even third DUI conviction, especially within Southern California. However, having the right team to assess the facts and properly represent you will make the world of difference in the resolution of your conviction. You cannot fight this alone, hire someone who makes this their expertise.

DUI Attorney Craig M Strum at Team Win DUI, proudly offers you the support, answers and resolutions you seek during this time of uneasiness. Time is of the essence when you are dealing with a DUI case. After your arrest, you have ten days to file for a DMV APS Hearing. If you fail to request a DMV APS hearing, then you are forfeiting the right you have to challenge your suspension. It is imperative that you find an attorney quickly, and one that is not just out of the yellow pages, but one that is reputable and has a strong team around them. Craig has successfully been representing and defending DUI suspects and DUI cases since 2009.

We urge you to visit our website, If you or someone you know has just been convicted of a DUI and are eagerly seeking a reputable DUI Attorney, please contact us right away. We will offer you a free of charge consultation, which will properly paint a picture of what your consequences could potentially be, and what our immediate remediation plan is. If you elect to fill out a consultation form we will award you with a free $50 discount for any future service you may request of Team Win DUI. Make the right decision for you and your future, get your freedom back in your hands and fight your DUI conviction with the best attorney out there.

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