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DUI Attorney in Beverly Hills

Drunk driving is a horrible situation that can cause lives to be ruined forever. But the people involved are only human and so they need help to get through the stress of it all. There are hundreds of people involved in drunk driving incidents every day all over the US, even in Beverly Hills, so it can happen to just about anyone at any hour or the day or night. If you are a victim of it then you are probably feeling at a loss of what to do next. However, you can’t delay because if a hearing isn’t asked for within a 10 day period of time, then you will lose your right to one and your license.

That’s why it is vital to contact Team Win DUI, a firm of lawyers headed by certified DWI attorney Craig M. Sturm. He has plenty of experience in this field of law and can set up a free consultation with you right away. In fact, for a limited time if you fill out the consultation form, you will also get a $50 coupon. Don’t lt fear get in your way, go to their website at and make that appointment ASAP.

Sturm has been working as a DUI Lawyer for several years in the California area and has represented many cases like yours. He is certified in field sobriety tests, advanced roadside impaired driving enforcement and all of the other up to date rules and regulations involved with DWI cases. Calling and setting up an appointment is your first step in getting rid of the stress of your case and letting him handle everything from that point on. He can explain it all to you and find out what the best course of action is for your particular situation.

Don’t be embarrassed if you have been in a DUI accident or incident in Beverly Hills. It happens all the time and there is a myriad of laws and penalties that can be enforced. Penalties that can stay on your driving record, licences, background, etc. That’s why you need a professional DUI attorney on your side to help you to get through it the best way possible. Even if you are guilty of the offense, that doesn’t mean that a lawyer can’t help you in this situation. There are still things that can be argued in court that can help to mitigate your penalties. A DUI attorney like Craig M. Sturm knows exactly what to do and how to help you no matter how bad it seems.

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