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DUI Attorney for Culver City Residents

I found myself in quite the bind when I was arrested for driving under the influence in Culver City. A friend put me in touch with a DUI defense lawyer at WinDUI. I cannot express how relieved I was to find a DUI attorney completely prepared to defend me. Of course, I never intended in a million years to get caught in a situation like this, but when I did, I had to be prepared.

I made a mistake, one that I knew could have long lasting consequences. I was concerned, not only about the charges but in losing my job and the negative impact on my family. Fortunately, I contacted a very knowledgeable DUI trial lawyer for my Southern California DUI Defense. I was able to WinDUI only because I contacted Craig M Sturm.

The law office of WinDUI tended to all of my DUI attorney needs. I wasn't fall down drunk or anything, but I did get in a fight with my boyfriend and ended up having one too many. My DUI attorney helped my put my life back together again. Calling this attorney is just about one of the best things to ever happen to me.

My Southern California DUI defense helped me through this crisis and I just know you can be assisted, as well. My DUI trial lawyer was at the top of his game and I am extremely grateful he was the first and last call I had to make to take care of the mess I managed to get myself into! Mr. Sturm put every effort into undoing the damage I had done.

Of course, no one should ever make my mistake. But we are all prone to mistakes. Contact a conscientious, hard-working DUI trial lawyer that is absolutely on your side. My Southern California DUI defense was far and above what I expected. Mr. Sturm and his team were behind me every step of the way. My attorney took the time to explain my options and what my defense would be.

My call to the office at WinDUI was more than I expected. The professionals there kept me up-to-date on the progress of my case every step of the way. Of course, no one plans for these things. I know I hadn't, just by reading this article you will know exactly who to call for your DUI defense.

I like to think I learned my lesson and I certainly do not plan for there to be a “next” time. But if such an emergency should arise I know precisely what to do. The outcome for my case was far better than I expected and I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Sturm should I ever need to again. In fact, I have recommended him to my family and friends and now I am, personally and most sincerely, recommending him to you as well.

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