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Call the Best DUI Defense in Santa Monica with WinDUI

When that holding cell door closed behind you, and you were finally alone, a couple of thoughts come up automatically. First, you need a DUI attorney. With the possibility of paying thousands of dollars, losing your license, facing interlock devices, mandatory meetings and even more jail, you can't afford to have this ruin your life. Secondly, you don't want to pick the wrong attorney and not get effective legal defense. You need a DUI attorney that's a proven winner. You need to call us.

Anywhere in Santa Monica CA you will find lawyers offering legal defense. Yet, without seeing their track record, and the type of defense they provide, you're really shooting in the dark. By concentrating on DUI law, Attorney Craig M. Sturm, founder of WinDUI, developed a proven track record. The methods he uses in court challenge every aspect of your arrest, any lack of appropriate evidence, officer misconduct, faulty testing with equipment or procedures can possibly get your case dismissed.

We understand that you don't want to leave anything to chance when it's time for your day in court. We invite you to check out our website and see our success. You can see a list of our client's recent wins. You can examine the many different points of contention we use to challenge your DUI charge. By showing what you have to look forward to in legal defense, we can prove we're the best Southern California DUI Defense you can find.

As a public defender, Atty Craig M. Sturm has literally defended hundreds of clients. Since 2009, when his practice decided to focus on DUI defense, he has defended hundreds more. That means that his experience, and that of the rest of his team, is unmatched. In a courtroom, that's the kind of experience you need with a DUI Trial Lawyer. Whether or not this is your first DUI charge, we can help. Officers are supposed to follow a specific protocol while making an arrest. If there is any mistakes or misconduct on their part, We will find it. For confidence and peace of mind, contact Attorney Craig M Sturm.

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